Camera Lens Mug

Believe me, I’ve heard about people who have had their cars broken into because thieves can’t see the difference between this mug and a real camera lens!

Any photographers or photography enthusiasts around? If so, this particular camera lens mug is just perfect for them. This mug looks exactly like a 24-105 mm black lens with a natural looking lens-cap lid along with rub er-grip focus zoom rings. It also has an auto-focus switch that really switches. Put into this mug sd card, memory stick or something common with photography and hand it out as a gift to someone who loves taking pictures. Guarantee he will be delighted.

Your photographer buddies will gasp in horror whenever they spot this Camera Lens Mug. At first glimpse it may look that you’ve ripped apart a very good photo lens, then filled it with your hot drink. Of course this type of atrocious neglect for costly photography gear might be sacrilege… to a cup of great coffee.

Fortunately the Camera Lens Mug is much cheaper than a real camera lens and is easy washable. Fill it with your refreshment drink and enjoy it. The included lens hood top keeps your drink as well as doubles as a little plate for biscuits or some other sweets.



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